Cooled computer controlled CCD camera for identification at night

Hand held cooled CCD Identification camera for use on an aircraft
 at night or low light levels to make identification possible

Hand held identification camera 


  • Cooled CCD Identification camera for use on an aircraft at night or low light levels, to make identification possible

Flight details:

  • Height 300 ft
  • Distance to target maximum 1000 ft
  • Speed 120 kts


  • Air or water cooled CCD -40 C
  • Maximum distance to target 300 meters
  • Resolution 10cm at 700 ft
  • Computer controlled camera
  • Images instantly visible on computer
  • Integrated flash light
  • Data storage on disk
  • Data enhancement

Result image

Image Sariseki

Operation aspects:  North Sea Directorate   Contact person: H.Konings
 Tel: +31 70 33 66 600     Fax:  +31 70 39 51 724

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