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Digital Image Acquisition

Rapid Point Analysis
Using "Point and Shoot"

Isis 310
Summary Specifications


  • Microanalytical Processor with high speed microcontroller
  • EDS detector electronics with digital pulse processing for enhanced throughput and software processor parameter control
  • High Speed PC
  • 17" Monitor
  • Windows Operating System
  • System Table

Instant Quant

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Accurate Auto ID


  • Si(Li) Light Element Analysis Detector
  • SATW window for detection to Z=4 (beryllium)
  • Optimum geometry designs
  • Guaranteed thermal cycling allows detector to be cooled only when required
  • Patented detector conditioning guarantees Light element performance
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Simultaneous Mapping of up to 30 elements


  • Choice of one Quantitative Analysis Package SEMQuant, PB Quant, TEMQuant or BIOQuant
  • Autobeam Digital Image acquisition includes hardware en software
  • Range of scan speeds including noise reduction, brightness and contrast control
  • Control of electron beam for rapid analysis either manually or automatically
  • Area measurement from grey levels threshold
  • Simple data export
  • Fast X-ray Mapping Software including linescans. (allows up to 30 elemental maps or linescans to be Collected simultaneously )
  • Post processing functions include subtraction, overlay, three map mix and choice of display colour
  • Comprehensive training via fully interactive CD-ROM and onscreen help.


  • For the Netherlands
  • Included installation and 1 day training on site

49.999,-    Euro

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